#weeklygeek: Barbell Thruster


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  • Brett Bowden says:

    Hey Chris. Just saw your call with Evan Bartus and appreciate your example across the board, especially with your comments on serving your people during this time. I heard on the call that gym owners are challenged with keeping their revenue up, their social connections strong AND getting a handle on increasing their communication with their members.

    My Team can help in at least three ways if you hear of anyone wanting to grow digitally, beyond their local market:

    1. Equipping gym owners with our Fast-track Referral Program. It’s unique in that it consists of an affiliate program for their members to opt-in and share the LIVE workouts happening now with friends and family. We hear everyday that people want to work out with their buddies across town or in another state. This one tool makes that happen and members are rewarded to help the gym grow digitally.

    2. Most of the communication can be automated with the cutting-edge tools we customize for each client. We can either train the gym owners with the tools we offer or run the system for them, but either way higher levels of communication are possible for anyone who asks.

    3. Our Essential-Digital Membership Platform is available for just $85 a month and less than $800 to setup. We even have some interest-free financing options where clients can lower their upfront investment during this unique time. This system equips the gym owner with ways to still offer tons of value, but also get paid for streaming content, etc.

    Either way, if you hear of anyone looking to drive more digital members to their business we are standing by at http://www.instructio.LIVE. Maybe someday our paths will cross on a mountain bike trail. Hopefully sooner than later!


    Brett Bowden

    P.S. TRIIB may offer #2 above as well, but with our digital experience we may have some skills and customizations that are different. We respect what TRIIB offers and seek to be a complimentor to their service for gym and studio owners.

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