The Gear List

Some kicks I got to help design

I often get questions on what gear I use and recently got a request to come up with a bit of a list so here it is!! Hopefully some of you find it helpful as you root through your bag of “must have’s” when you go to the box or a competition. Before I throw it all out there, yes, I’m a sponsored athlete so you will see a lot of things (not all) that are from those companies, BUT, I do my best to associate myself with things that I BELIEVE in. I don’t feel like it’s genuine if I don’t believe in it and it’s not fair to the company and especially others out there that are looking to athletes using those products. Again, hope it helps and feel free to throw in some of your favorites in the comments section.



-GoRuck R1: This thing is bombproof and holds way more than you would think. I take it with me every weekend I travel and it comes to the gym with me just about every day as well.


Mobility Gear:

-Voodoo Band: Non-negotiable these days with my banged up knees. I take it everywhere I go and it’s helps alleviate some pain before and after workouts.

-MobilityWOD Supernova: This is the easy replacement for a foam roller when on the road and will smash the crap out of your psoas better than anything else I’ve found



-Oly shoes: I’m not a fan of them to tell you the truth. I feel like they pitch me too far forward in my lifts and only wear them when I’m doing higher volume pistols. The new Reebok Lifter Plus is a definite improvement from their old style. Some of my old faithfuls are the Adidas with thinner soles. Old school and super comfy.

-Nano, nano, nano! I love these things for every day workouts. It’s also been very cool having some input and helping Reebok design these as they go. I wear mine every day for workouts with the exception of track workouts or WOD’s with substantial running in it (accumulating 3 miles or more). The Nano speed’s are a good go to for this and for a first year out are pretty solid. Also great to wear when coaching around the box all day since they sole is a touch softer.


The Garb:

-Shorts: I will forever love lulu lemon shorts. They don’t make the ones that I fell in love with the same way but the old style “core” short are some of the best I have ever worn. Reebok is also continually taking feedback from us and making improvements as they go. Some of their updated board short versions with the abrasion resistant portions are great. Stay posted there for more options and improvements.

-Shirt: Plain old cotton tee. I hate the “techy” material that is synthetic or poly-pro… whatever. I just like a comfortable cotton tee that fits well. It’s going to get ripped off at some point anyway before or during the WOD.

-Sunglasses: Yep… I always have a pair with me. I’m like a mole and having some that fit well for a WOD are key. The two models I have found work the best to stay on my small mellon are the Grio Instagator (unfortunately they don’t make these anymore. Get lucky and you can find them on closeouts online occasionally. The Oakley “Switch” has also been working well for me recently.

-Jump Rope: I got to help Rogue design a speed rope and I love the smaller handles and bearing system in it. Standard speed rope with some tweaks.

The “Supersuit”:

These are all the things I wear to hold myself together or when I have a heavy day.

-Knee Sleeves: Rehabands are what I am currently wearing. I like the 3 mil since they aren’t too restricting for everyday workouts. I’m working with someone to develop some knee sleeves so keep your eye out as they develop.

-Wrist Wraps: For some reason the INZER wrist wraps are the best I have had. Others make them and they are solid, but I LOVE my INZERS. I prefer the small since they don’t get too thick around my wrist when I wrap them.

-Weight Belt: Oly lifting and just about every workout I am a fan of the Valeo belt that is velcro. It’s super thin and doesn’t interfere with barbells. Easy to pack and goes with me almost every weekend. On my big deadlifting days or back squat days the Rogue Ohio Weightbelt is awesome. 4″ and 10 mil thick this thing can help you create some serious tension. Love it on those superheavy days with the power lifts.



-iPod shuffle with my old school skullcandy headphones. I have to use the “on ear” version due to my cauliflower ear. The buds don’t fit in my ears anymore. The “icon” model works great for wod’s and do a pretty good job of staying put for that style headphone.



Recovery/On the Go Food:

-Progenex: I go to them for either their recovery or more muscle product for post workout. I’ve tried other products and they don’t sit well with my belly. Progenex sits well with me and and tastes awesome. I occasionally use the Cocoon product when I’m looking for a good night sleep and I’m always pounding their fish oil.

-Coconut Water: Use the brand of your choice, I just love it for after a WOD. That Nirvana stuff tastes pretty amazing.

-NSI: Inflamex. It’s a super small company that you probably can’t find but their inflamex product is something I’m taking to help out with… surprise, inflammation. I’ve found it helpful for achy joints and have taken it on and off over the years.

-Perfect Foods Bar: I LOVE these and they are great for grabbing and throwing in the bag to head to the gym. Morning, noon, or night they taste good and can hold me over till I get a meal. Fruit and Nut as well as the Peanut Butter flavors are the ones I am enjoying the most at the moment.


Hope you find some of the info helpful and keep finding what works for YOU.









  1. Seth says:

    For those looking the model is the Goruck GR1. Awesome gear, guaranteed for life and owned and run by ex-Green Beret. Made in America too

  2. Barry Woods says:

    I found the Progenex Recovery a little too sweet. I found a really high quality Whey protein made by Designs for Health. They use minimal processing, the whey is harvested from free range cows that graze year-round on pesticide free and chemical free natural grass pastures. No grain, GMO’s, antibiotics, hyperimmunizations, or injected pathogens. Good stuff! They use Stevia extract instead of the traditional High Fructose Corn Syrup for the sweetener. It’s a little more expensive it, to me, worth it.

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  4. I agree with everything on the list!!!
    the only difference i would suggest is going with an hylete bag over the ruck.
    I actually like them equally, but if you cant afford the rogue, hylete offers a good product for a little bit cheaper.

  5. Jeremy Banta says:

    when can we expect to see these shoes? or did i already miss my chance?

  6. Donny says:

    So when and where can I get these Workt knee sleeves I’ve been hearing about?

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  10. Brandon says:

    Great article, it is great to see the support you provide to people like me through your blog. I have been doing some research on what types of CrossFit shoes people tend to like the most. Are Reebok Nano’s still your go to shoe? I will definitely let people know about your site. Keep up the good work.

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