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  • Jamshid says:

    You are a true inspiration for us all.

  • Kyle says:

    Hi Chris,

    Awesome new website I wanted to ask if you guys offer coaching internships at park city?

  • Congratulations for you determination and dedication to “sports”.

    When I first heard about crossfit in France 2 years ago, I just went “waou !!”” How is this guy lifting so much weight with so much intensity, weighting 20kg less than me?? And for that and your spirit Bravo.

    At 40 , I quit Judo in 2014 , created my brand D.TER (highly technical socks), and devoted myself to become a crossfit athlete. You are an inspiration, enventhoug the road is long, by I am D.TER

    Be you… Be D.TER

  • Hey Speal,

    Just wanted to say your a huge motivation and leader for me. I love your love for Christ and passion for fitness. Continue to press on for the upward call of Christ!

  • Sergio says:

    You are sick, Chris! awesome athlete, as i think 🙂 respect from Russia, bro!


  • Alan Miller says:

    The “find your weaknesses” statement would make a sweet t-shirt.

  • Conor Giguiere says:

    Thank you for the work out posts! Extremely helpful and informative! God Bless

  • joe cowen says:

    hey chris
    loving the new website and your programing is awesome !
    if your ever in the UK drop into crossfit napalm for a session!!

  • Joseph Habib says:

    Hey Speal,

    I was curious as to what exactly is wrong with your knees, and how do you go about managing them??


  • Wendell Hudnall says:

    I think you are truly an inspiration to everyone, but especially to me people like me (5’9″ 145lbs) who aren’t the biggest but give it their all every time we step into the box. Whenever I see the “big guys” and get a little discouraged, I always think.. well Chris Spealler does it! You’ve inspired one person (me), therefore you have inspired a part of humanity.

  • Anton Gross says:

    I have always enjoyed and rooted for you Chris Spealler (Speal). I also wrestled, but started way later in life than most. I started as a sophomore in high school and it was a perfect fit for me. I have always been one of the smallest guys so this sport was just what I wanted. I LOVED to practice. I enjoyed the intensity and it opened me up to worlds I’d never known. I would actually say that CF was a similar experience in the combinations and mixing up of the modalities. I loved and still love it.
    I am 41 now and about 5′-5″ and about 135 lbs. BTW, that’s the biggest I’ve ever been by a lot… I used to wrestle 91, 98 and 105 in HS and in college 118 (I had to eat a ton to get up there).
    I enjoy pushing myself in areas I know I should not be able to compete in, similar to you Speal, like lifting weights. I know I’ll never win, but I’m still going to push myself and try to be the best I can be.
    I enjoy your balance and approach. I learned, and it was not easy, to accept either victory or loss if you really put it all out there. Sometimes there will be a better wrestler, crossfitter, etc. in life, but if you really push yourself to your max then you win either way. Easier to say and write than it is to accept, but that was a huge growth for me as an athlete and as a person. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT go in for losing, but it’s a mentality to pushing in the workout to allow yourself to really enjoy that and accept your results. I know when I’m going max or less than and why. Sometimes I say maybe I could have pushed harder in the second of three rounds a little earlier or I had too much left in the tank when I finished so next time go harder earlier, but that’s part of learning and experience.
    Speal, I would love to chat sometimes about workouts, and getting stronger and CF in general.
    I am a family man myself and a professional and the balance is key. I feel as though that’s the real challenge in life. Committing and dedication are not hard, but balance is.

  • Cameron Upchurch says:

    Hey Chris I’m loving the site! I especially love reading “Why” you did what you did each day. I was just curious as to what your diet currently looks like? As a life long active person, Crosffitter, husband, father of 2 about to turn 35 I have to remind myself I’m competing for life and want to preserve myself for years to come. Do you follow any specific diet regimen? Paleo, Zone, your own thing etc?

  • miguel says:

    hey speal,

    just wanted to drop by and say how much of inspiration you to my goals. it’s awesome to see how crossfit hasnt completely enveloped your life, but you still find time to commit to it. keep it up man. hopefully youll drop by Scottsdale, Arizona one day.

  • vito petrillo says:

    Hey Chris, I’m doing my high school research about you. The “hero” of CrossFit? Would like to contact you as a source to get some more information. I’m a fellow CrossFitter myself, placing 85th worldwide in the 16-17 Teens Division. Would really appreaciate the help. Thanks big dog.

  • Mike says:

    Dude, you are the man. I am inspired by how motivated you are and that there’s no holding you back. Love everything about your life.

  • Greg U. says:

    Big inspiration. You should definitely write an autobiography. From how you started in your first box to how hard you worked to get to being a Crossfit Games athlete legend. I’m getting myself back into Crossfit and found a new box. I had embarrassing moments when I did my first HSPU. I pretty much backflopped on the wall and ninja kicked the guy next to me. I got discouraged. I keep going on youtube and watch your videos about techniques and found it really helpful. I Just wanted to say thank you for what you do for all Crossfitters. You’re the man!


  • Brad P says:

    Hey Chris,
    I second Greg that you should right an autobiography. It would be awesome to read about your life.
    Your a legend and a role model for myself and so many others.
    THE MAN!

    Keep up the hard work

  • Stoney says:

    Was curious to know if you have a masters program I can follow I’m almost 40 and I have been a big fan of yours

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  • Mauro says:

    God bless you Chris, such an inspiration for me! I started doing Crossfit because of you 🙂 . Support from Italy

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