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If you’re a competitor or even someone that enjoys staying on top of working out traveling can be a pain in the butt!!  It takes us out of our typical schedules, then norm that we are used to, what we would like to follow, and can genuinely stink.  BUT… we can get it dialed in when we are on the road if needed.  Here are some things that I’ve found helpful both mentally and physically for when I’m on the road.  I travel basically every weekend of my life to work at seminars so I have some experience in this department and can relate to those of you with similar schedules.


1.  RELAX…. even though we may be stuck in airports, cars, lines, etc. when was the last time you had to just unwind?  Once you accept that fact that you’re on the road and just settle in you can get some good work done or unwind a bit if needed.  Catch up on your to do list, or download a good movie on the ipad that you wouldn’t get a chance to watch otherwise when you’re trying to get the kids to bed :)

2.  Do you BEST to keep your sleep at no less than 6 hours a night.  Try to keep it at 8 hours a night if you can.  I find this to be the toughest with frequent changes in time zones but if you can hit the sack so you’re at 7 hrs a night that is pretty solid.  Plan ahead if you’re going east since you will feel it more in the morning.

3. If you can surround yourself with likeminded people for working out that’s great.  It’s one of the huge advantages that I have since the other trainers are chomping at the bit to workout at lunch together.  You may not have that convenience though so try some of these things.  Come up with new workouts that you genuinely WANT to do and will be motivated to do.  It may involve stealing some dumbells and using them for some kind of workout in the stairwell at the hotel.  Khalipa and I did this year ago and had a blast as well as a great workout with one another.  Hotel have a pool?  When was the last time you got in a little pool workout, who cares what people think of you.  Sprints and burpees outside the pool can do the trick.  Or you could get out and explore on a good run.

4. Be ok with the fact that your nutrition will most likely be less than ideal.  If you’re starving, have the sandwich at starbucks and get some calories in.  I think that starving is worse than a bit of gluten.  Make good choices when you can, but if it’s between starvation and grabbing something, I’m going to grab something.  Get to know some good chains that you can count on.  Chipotle is my fav and easy to find just about anywhere.

5. Schedule your workouts so that you can enjoy the rest of the day.  Even if you aren’t a person that likes to workout in the am you may have to do it if you’re slammed in meetings or tied up the whole day.  If you suck it up and get out of bed and hit up the WOD you know you will feel better about the day.  Even if it’s not the perfect time that you perform you got the response in and that may be the goal for the day in those situations.  Otherwise take advantage of the time that you can get your WOD in.


Traveling may not be the best thing possible for your training but if you develop some good habits, just like anything else, you will make it work and be all the better for it.  When it comes time for competitions and people ask me if it effects me I say it’s to my advantage.  I’m in different time zones, climates, elevations, different equipment, set ups, etc. every weekend.  I’m used to things not being the way I want it all the time.  When it comes time to compete… easy day.  I’ll be ready for it.  If you train in your gym every day of your year, that’s all you know.  The competition is different.  For me, it’s just another weekend on the road out of my gym.


  1. Jeremy says:

    This one speaks volumes to me. It hit home not for travel but for shift work. At the fire station people don’t want to go to the gym and workout so I have to try do some modified wod with equipment in the bay. And I get tease constantly for going to bed the earliest but I am try to make up for getting woke up in the middle of the night.

    Thanks Chris always helpful to hear this stuff again and again.

  2. Jeff says:

    Nutrition doesn’t completely have to take a hit when you are on the road. With a little planning, one can also keep eating healthy. Invest in a good, “feed bag.” One that gives you flexibility to keep cold things cold and dry things dry. Multiple compartments definitely come in handy. Check out for a cooler that is absolutely bulletproof. Best $75 I have ever spent!

    Prepare your meals the day/night before the trip and plan to divide each item up into individual ziplock (I find quart size ziplock freezer bags to be incredibly handy) bags. Bag for the protein, bag for the vegetable, bag for the sweet potato… there’s one meal. I roll the air out of mine then use a little tape to keep the bag neatly rolled up. Plus, it makes it easier to pack and helps keep the feed bag organized. I usually plan on making lunches and dinners, while eating breakfast at the hotel. I’ll also scavenge the breakfast for some apples or oranges to add to my snacks throughout the day.

    I will use the fridge/freezers in the room at night and to refreeze my freezer pack. If you don’t have one in the room, ask the front desk to borrow theirs. I’ve found that many hotels really don’t have a problem with me putting my food in a bag with my name on it then storing it in a free spot in their fridge. If that is not an option, the quart ziplock freezer bags again come in handy. I’ll usually take a couple extra with me in case I need to make my own freezer bag. I’ll fill one with ice from the ice machine, seal it up, then put it in the other bag upside down and seal that one up. This does wonders for preventing leaks.

    Thought and preparation can go a loooong way both with the quality of your nutrition and your budget. I can easily be on the road for 4 days and not really have to buy any additional food. Beyond that, it will start getting a little tricky.

    Safe Travels,


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